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Ìrìnkèrindò: a Journal of African Migration is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of African migration and immigration to other parts of the world.

Ìrìnkèrindò is Yorùbá for incessant Wanderings or Travels. To our minds, the word, Ìrìnkèrindò captures the essence of past, contemporary, and future migrations and immigration of Africans around the continent, and from the continent to other lands.


Ìrìnkèrindò: a Journal of African Migration provides a forum for scholarly articles of the highest quality. The journal will document the relevance of African immigration to the world's social, political and economic systems as well as its historical effects on culture; it will respond to the debates on immigration and problematize its assumed effects. It will also generate debate among scholars and intellectuals of African immigration, and migration demographers, and African immigrants and themselves. In publishing original essays, reprints of hard to find essays, critical commentaries, book reviews, and interviews of African immigrants, Ìrìnkèrindò: a Journal of African Migration will create a forum for scholars and analysts of African immigration and migration as well as activists throughout the world to participate in debates, exchanges of ideas, and the creation and documentation of knowledge.

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Ìrìnkèrindò: a Journal of African Migration will make online research material on African immigration and migration available. It will facilitate connections between the users of technology and research scholars, analysts and writers in the area of African immigration and migration that enable them to debate, dialogue, present the results of their research and for immigrants and migrants, a record of their life experiences. The use of online technology will enable the ease of communication across vast geographical expanses. It also facilitates linkages between scholars and professionals and institutions or individuals that need their expertise. For those whose need is strictly informational, this journal will provide a much-needed addition to the pool of knowledge on the subject matter of African immigration and migration.

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